India launches commercial coal mine auction: What are the worries?

By: LMB Staff

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the auction process of coal blocks for commercial mining via video conference with an aim to achieve self-sufficiency in meeting energy needs and boost industrial development.

“We are not just launching the auction for commercial coal-mining today, but bringing the coal sector out of decades of lockdown,” PM said.

But, various decision-makers and state-level governments have raised concerns over the ecological impact of the move.

India has opened up commercial coal mining for the private sector initiating the auction of 41 coal blocks that have a capacity to produce 225 million tonnes of coal per year

What does it hold for the environment?

Kanchi Kohli, legal researcher at the Centre for Policy Research and Alok Shukla, a social activist explains more .

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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