Reports suggest ‘Human Error’ behind Vizag gas leak

By: LMB Staff

Forensic investigation has held human error and negligence as the reasons for the hazardous gas leak in Vishakhapatnam on 7 May 2020.

A team of AP Forensic Science Laboratory (APFSL) officers led by Dr RK Sarin and T Suresh visited the gas tragedy site and collected evidence over the past two days.

They revealed that as per the preliminary findings, negligence in adding auto-polymerization inhibitors in the styrene storage tank and failure in maintaining the temperature below 20 degrees centigrade during the phase of lockdown led to the leakage.

Govt. directs LG Polymers to take back styrene monomer

The state government is also learnt to have summoned the management of the plant from South Korea along with a team of experts and told them to cooperate with the inquiry into the mishap.

Sources said the government also directed LG Polymers to take back styrene monomer and other raw materials the company stocked at the Visakhapatnam port and the factory.

“With the Group of Ministers and officials led by the Chief Secretary conducting an inquiry from Visakhapatnam, we felt it is unfair for the (LG Polymers) management to appear on video-conference while sitting in Seoul, and have summoned them to Visakhapatnam,” a source associated with the inquiry into the issue told media.

Technical committee appointed to review the gas leak

A central technical committee, which was deputed by Union Secretary to study the vapour leak from LG Polymers plant at RR Venkatapuram is also visiting the plant and surrounding villages.

The committee also reviewed the ongoing restoration works at the plant and inspected the tank from which vapor leaked.

The panel members also interacted with some of the victims and went around the villages and collected samples of soil, stones, discolored leaves and seeds, and water. They also took photographs of the buildings and vehicles which were impacted by the vapor and collected a water sample from Meghadri Gedda reservoir.

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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