Easy Ways You Can Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

By: Jasmine Khan

As we all are locked down, it’s time to do something new and different and most importantly it’s time to do something sustainable.

But as I grew up and joined the fashion industry, as a fashion model, my fashion needs and styles evolved more frequently especially as per the seasons, the fashion weeks and the fashion trends. But, in this process of cluttering and decluttering my wardrobe, fortunately I revived my old lost relationship with it.

Sustainable Wardrobe
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In 2015 alone, greenhouse gas emissions from textile production were more than, the emissions of all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

A capsule wardrobe is a fully functional wardrobe. Made out of a few essential items of clothing that do not go out of fashion.

Below is a five-step framework of how I built my capsule wardrobe and I hope it helps you:

Step 1: Reality check

Treasure Hunt all the pieces that you own and get them all together in one spot. Make a reality check pile for yourself, so that you can see the pieces and count them.

Step 2: Run the numbers

Count the number of pieces in your reality check pile and note it down or make a master list. After you are done counting, take that number and divide it by 2. The number that you get is your goto number.

Let’s call it the Golden number. Once you have this golden number, your aim will be to downsize your wardrobe to this golden number if you want to achieve a capsule size wardrobe. Now, I know that it’s a long process, So take your time and if required, take one step at a time.

Step 3: Give and find meaning

This step is an instrumental step in downsizing your existing wardrobe to half and also to make it long-lasting. So, after you have downsized, you must give and find a meaning or a role to every piece that you have decided to keep.

Please remember, that you have to be really honest with yourself in this process because you are building a long term relationship with your pieces. One lie and the item can go back to the storage again.

Step 4: Define your authentic style

Ideally, by this step, your pieces should start telling you or at least show a mirror to your existing style. And if your existing style is not something that you can settle down with for this year or this season.

I would recommend that this is the time that you must invest in discovering and defining your authentic style. So that you can live happily with your capsule wardrobe.

Defining one’s authentic style does take a lot of time. Like deciding:
the colors that you love the most,
the textures that appeal you the most,
the patterns that resonate with your style,
the fabric that would comfort you the most and which piece elevates your beauty.

Step 5: Finishing touches

So, after you have defined your style and if you feel that you are missing something in your first capsule wardrobe. Then this is the time to evaluate the real need of these missing items and if you really need them to complete
your wardrobe.

With more and more brands seeing the importance of an environmental focus, dressing sustainably no longer means compromising – so stop thinking it does.

(On 50 years of Earth Day – join us in making India’s largest climate action manifesto. #FiftyForFifty. Connect with us and tell what step are you taking for climate action?)

Jasmine Khan

Jasmine Khan

Jasmine is a social entrepreneur, Independent consultant, and blogger. She is on a lifelong mission to cultivate a zero-waste lifestyle. And to contribute to building pockets of circular economy in every part of the world.

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