Mission 1.5: A Mobile Game that Generates Climate Solutions

By: LMB Staff

The United Nations Development Programme is leading a climate change effort that might finally address concerns many advocates have: bridging the gap between people and governments.

The ‘Mission 1.5, a campaign’ was launched in New York on February 14, 2020 with the purpose of bringing the people closer to their governments with their suggested and even ambitious climate action plans.

Under this campaign, the UNDP released a new mobile game called Mission 1.5 that is intended to educate global citizens about climate change and let them vote on possible solutions.

The game targets 20 million people around the globe.

The game takes players through the different sectors of the economy that are contributing the most to climate change, such as transportation, energy, and agriculture. It also introduces them to ways to reduce gas emissions, such as by improving urban planning and transportation, using renewable energy sources, and eating plant-based diets.

Pluc creator, Divvyesh, who is a pro gamer, reviewed the game. 

“The graphics are interesting, and they really educate users on different aspects of climate change”, said Divvyesh. 

In this game, the players are asked questions about solutions for climate change in different fields such as green economy, fossil fuels, corporate responsibility, and others.

The questions have three options for answers — while one of the three is usually an answer that is obviously against progress towards appropriate climate action, the other two are more nuanced. And based on the answer one picks, they’re awarded either 700 points or 1,000 points.

“The game is not for just young kids, the organizers reiterated that this game can be played by anyone around the world, irrespective of their age and location,” added Divvyesh. 

“After every level, the game tells us if our answers are leading us to save the earth or not. It’s a really interesting way to educate people on climate change because it addresses policy as well as the personal behavior of the general public,” he said. 

“Being a gamer the normal tendency may be to rate it but one needs to look at the larger cause that needs to be espoused to the world to save this planet,” he added. 

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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