Why Digital Climate strikes are important?

By: Rachit Tiwari

Whole world is suffering from a public health emergency due to COVID19. Lockdown of 21days has been announced by our PM with strict actions.

Everywhere, on social media, television media, e-media and discussion groups people are talking about pandemic in a panic mode. Yes, we need to panic because the situation is like that. 

COVID is a lung infection disease and according to our Health Ministry, major children of Delhi have impaired lungs that means 48% of their lungs are damaged.

75% of all emerging infectious fatal diseases come from wildlife, says the US National Institute of Health.

This was what environmental scientists, activists and journalists were constantly saying to the government and people but faced ignorance. 

Time to act now!

At the time of crisis, the government and media again deflected our discussion topics stating it was a Chinese virus. They are imposing their irresponsible action upon others as usual. Media and people are still discussing stupid things in their communities. 

Now, it’s the real-time for climate action groups and activists to address the reality among people. There is a straight and simple example in front of us. Now it’s not the time to talk only but to learn and get ready to act. COVID is not only a public health emergency but also a climate emergency.

Climate Change will remain for decades: Antonio Guterres

The activists should not get distracted with COVID things as the action work will government and social distancing already check it. They need to tell people about the reality of the crisis.

As Secretary-General of UN, Antonio Guterres says, “Both coronavirus and climate change are very serious problems…but they are very different in nature. One thing is the disease which is temporary. Climate Change has been there for many years and is expected to remain for decades and require constant action.”

“It is important that all the attention needed to fight the disease does not distract us from the need to fight climate change”, he added.

Vaccine of climate change not possible

The disease is a part of the climate crisis and nature is sending us an alarming message. Denial mode and careless actions of the Government made it more fatal.

We must never forget that there are a lot of diseases trapped under glaciers which are continuously melting. Climate pollution is already making our immunity weak. It is the warning of nature towards human extinction. 

We can discover the vaccine for COVID but the vaccination of climate change is not possible. 

Make people aware about climate crisis

When we look at the other side, I think it’s an opportunity for nature to heal and for us to make people more aware and serious about the climate crisis with an example. 

It’s time for polluters to stop and environmentalists to work. A lot of things could be done online. We can use online actions, lessons, presentations, messages, graphics, videos and other creative communications.

We can make things happen with the idea of Maria Mendiluce, CEO of We Mean, which is “We need to look forward with hope that is rebuilding from this devastating crisis we can ensure greater resilience and a clear pathway to the zero-carbon future.”

(The views expressed in the article are the author’s own. Let Me Breathe neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

Rachit Tiwari

Rachit Tiwari

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