Fridays Climate Strike: Students demand climate action

By: Rachit Tiwari

No one in this world, living in any metropolitan city is unfamiliar to climate change which is now challenging us day by day. The overwhelming nature of humans has started the exploitation of our only home earth.

This led us to climate crisis. The changing patterns of our natural atmosphere against living beings through anthropogenic forces are the alarm of climate emergency. Global warming, polar ice melting, rising of the oceans, frequent forest fires, underground water depletion, epidemic diseases, breathing problems, mass extinction is the warning bell for us. 10 years is all we have got to save our future.

We are going towards human extinction. Governments are primarily indulged in the hunger of power. So, it is our fundamental duty to save the prosperous civilization of humans. We are the youths of India who have moved towards this. It is the time once again to stand together and join the revolution against the climate crisis.

There are always two faces of any revolution which need to work together and those are government and public. With the same process, we have started to focus on both faces.

We started to skip our classes every Friday for a climate strike with two major motives.

The first is to stand against governments and his actions influencing the climate crisis. We want our governments to give us fresh air to breathe in, freshwater to drink and fresh atmosphere to live in.

It is more prior than any human need. It is our birthright. They are our ruler and they had to look towards changing climate. It is time to declare climate emergency. No matter what they need to do, how many policies they need to change, how much they need to get strict laws against environmental crime but they had to save us from pollution attacks.

Secondly, we aware and influence people to look towards these crisis conditions from their locality to the whole world. We learn and then teach people how their actions affect our environment and how they can save it. We also invite them to join our fight against every thread which is leading us to the climate crisis.

We wake up every Friday in the morning as usual. We get ready, have breakfast as usually everyone does. We go out of the house as usual but instead of going to schools, colleges or work offices, we assemble at any government or public place and strike for the climate.

The strike includes different activities to connect with the people. Last Friday, the Acapella, (a type of western music) Music Society of Swami Shraddhanand College joined us. Art is the weapon of every youth. They transferred their message to people through their beautiful song.

Further plans: Every movement needs the masses and consistency. Both are the challenges together. We all are planning for making people much aware of climate change so that they could take stand against the climate crisis.

We want the people to join us and support us because the movement is not for any specific group or community; this is for every living creature on earth.

(Join them through our Instagram handle ‘youthforclimateindia‘ and meet us every Friday for climate strike.)

(The views expressed in the article are the author’s own. Let Me Breathe neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

Rachit Tiwari

Rachit Tiwari

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