Students and Environment activists Demand Commitment from Political Parties to tackle Air Pollution

By: LMB Staff

A protest took place in the middle of Cannaught Place on 24th January 2020 where various students from across Delhi-NCR missed their schools and colleges to raise their voices against air pollution and demands for clean air.

Students and environment activists collected over 200 signatures to build a consensus and demand a commitment from political parties to tackle air pollution. Demonstrators also held placards saying ‘#NoBolsonaro’, referring to the Brazillian president, who arrived in Delhi on a four-day visit to India.

Around 60 people joined the students to raise their voices in the protest. They carried posters and placards that were symbolic of the disaster we are about to face if we don’t curb the pollutants that are rapidly increasing global warming.

Air pollution: Largest Killer in Delhi

Air pollution is one of the largest killers in Delhi and NCR. Schools have been shut down numerous times in the last few months because of the severe air pollution. Kids and the youth continue to choke in their own city and their own homes.

“I am not from Delhi and just came for one day. The pollution is so bad, I’ve started to fall ill. Image the kids living here! So, vote for someone who really cares about you and will take action against air pollution,” said Ridhima Pandey, a student climate activist.

“Primary focus should be the environment this election”

Students, as well as common people participating in this protest, were asked to pen down their personal details such as name, constituency, etc so that these demands can be disseminated to all the candidates contesting in the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections.

Another Climate Activist, Aman Sharma said, “Public has not made climate change and air pollution an election issue. But, this election, the primary focus should be the environment. That’s why we are here to raise awareness.”

Arti Suri, a concerned citizen said, “During elections, we just want to make people aware that all we are doing is fighting for clean air that is our fundamental right.”

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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