Arvind Kejriwal releases ‘guarantee card’, promises Pollution-free Delhi

By: Siya Bhatia

Delhi Chief Minister and AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal released a “guarantee card” ahead of the February 8 Assembly polls, listing 10 promises that AAP will deliver on if it is elected to rule Delhi again.

Image Source: Twitter/ArvindKejriwal

The guarantee card promises to have the “biggest and cheapest” transport facility for the city. It also promises more than 11,000 buses and to increase the length of the Delhi Metro network to over 500 km. 

Pollution-free Delhi: AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party promised 24-hour pure piped drinking water to each house in the next five years and said the scheme of providing 20,000 liters of free water will continue.

Controlling air pollution in the city is on the list too. It also includes a promise to clean the Yamuna.

While the garbage management is with the MCD, the AAP said it will make the national capital garbage-free in the next five years.

It promises road, water supply, sewer, etc for the unauthorized colonies as his ninth guarantee.

“I am giving 10 guarantees to the people of Delhi. This is not a manifesto. We will launch a comprehensive manifesto in 7-10 days. It will be for everyone,” Kejriwal said.

Roadmap on the achievement of objectives missing: Atul Goyal

Dr. Sarika Verma, an AAP volunteer said, “Most parties in India make electoral promises and never keep them. Aam Aadmi party has in Delhi, not only fulfilled all of its pre-poll promises, it has even made a declaration of promising 24-hour electricity, piped water to all houses and improved education including higher education for all Delhi children. The difference is that people know AAP will deliver its promises, we don’t do jumlas.”

Though environmentalists don’t seem entirely convinced with the promises. Bhavreen Kandhari, an environmental activist from New Delhi said, “It’s amazing that they are talking of “Pollution Free Delhi” but the question is how and when? Because if we have the vision to do this with  ‘smog towers’ and ‘cutting fully grown trees’ in the city to give way to traffic, it’s not going to happen!”

Atul Goyal, President of URJA (United Residents Joint Action) also said that focusing by AAP on environment issues is appreciated, but at the same time, a five-year roadmap on how they will achieve the objectives is still missing.

Siya Bhatia

Siya Bhatia

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