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By: LMB Staff

To bring attention to the destroying Aravallis, concerned residents organized a nationwide tweetstorm on 14th January 2020, calling out ministers and the concerned authorities on why no action is being taken in the matter.

Aravallis, the oldest mountain range in the world present in four North Indian states is in grave danger. 31 Aravalli hills have been lost to illegal mining in Rajasthan. In Haryana, 110,000 acres of Aravalli forests are going to be lost if the Haryana government notifies the regressive amendments they made last year to the Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA) which will open 60,000 acres of Aravallis to real estate development. 

Another 50,000 acres of Aravallis have not been given any legal protection. Illegal encroachments and constructions are happening in full swing in the Aravallis. 

If the Aravallis are destroyed, the National Capital Region facing extreme air pollution and water stress will lose its green lungs, barrier against desertification, water recharge zone, and rich wildlife habitat. 

The aim of this tweet storm was to demand from the Haryana government to withdraw the regressive PLPA amendment which if notified will destroy 33 percent of the forest cover in Haryana. The state already has the lowest forest cover in India, less than four percent. 

The residents used hashtags like #AravallisInDanger, #WithdrawPLPAamendment, and  #AravalliBachao during the tweetstorm.

Two of our Aravalli hashtags (#AravallisInDanger and WithdrawPLPAamendment) trended at number 5 in twitter Delhi trends for 2 hours yesterday. All 3 hashtags used trended in all India hashtags for 4-5 hours.

“There were forest campaigners and people from Bombay, Bangalore, Orissa, Hyderabad co-ordinate their groups for the Aravalli tweetstorm. We connected with the environment, forest and climate change groups across different Indian cities and had an all India participation in this tweetstorm,” said Neelam Ahluwalia from Aravalli Bachao citizens movement.

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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