07 Jan 2020
Upcycling into the Mindset and Youth Spaces
Upcycling works on a simple mantra: Old thing(s) for you might be a treasure for someone else

Should we just throw old things? This question, if honestly answered by scientists and researchers around the world can open up many avenues in the field of sustainability and #ClimateAction. 

Image Source: The Better India

The microplastics problem in the seas is nothing but plastics thrown by us which we almost always never give a second look. Here comes an interesting topic of Upcycling which if used wisely can surely lessen the burden of #ClimateChange. 

Upcycling works on a simple mantra: Old thing(s) for you might be a treasure for someone else. The general sustainability quotient revolves around the REUSE factor majorly. But it is often not easy or socially acceptable to reuse things that are worn out, needs repair; or simply needs a makeover. 

Image Source: pauls rubbish

“Upcycling can give second life not just to the furniture or wood pallets, but also give new life to previously abandoned spaces” 

Reviving Physical Spaces  with Upcycled Furniture and Art

Integrating upcycled furniture into a previously abandoned or disused space greatly reduces the start-up costs of any physical space whether residential or commercial. Moreover, many of the Cafes and other commercial spaces have already been starting to realize the creative, cost benefits and environmental impacts of using old things to provide new experiences. 

I strongly believe in the positive vision for the future of cities and without collaborative spaces for climate action built with the inculcation of eco-friendly and self-sustainability practices is the need of the hour. 

Omnichannel, Self-sustainable and Upcycled Social Spaces is the solution to tackle Climate Change!

An upcycled terrace at Urban Desi House, India’s only Youth Cafe- made completely with upcycled furniture: Old Electricity Cable Bobbins sourced from TNEB, paintings which are Ready to Use. Used Doors converted into Tables. 

I wish this kind of solutions to tackle climate change can lead to positive changes around the community and in India and the World at large.

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