Maharashtra Polls: Congress-NCP Manifesto gives Space to Environment

By: LMB Staff

The Congress and NCP-led released a joint manifesto for the upcoming assembly elections in Maharashtra. They have made a number of promises in its manifesto for environment and water conservation.

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Here are the key promises:


1. As rivers are the lifeline of the country, the manifesto ensures keeping them free of pollution. 

2. The river water will be used for irrigation and drinking rather than letting it go waste. 

3. Protection of forests and natural resources is one of the key promises in the manifesto. 

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4. Also, it promises to spread awareness and foster a reduction in carbon footprint.

Water and irrigation development

1. The manifesto promises to popularize in situ moisture conservation methods in rainfed areas. Water conservation work and lift irrigation water will be used appropriately to maximize irrigation potential. 

2. A special program will be launched to develop a cropping pattern for the maximization of efficient use of water and an increase in production. 

3. Their endeavor will be to create decentralized water bodies to provide protective irrigation to save crops. 

4. Priority will be given to complete the incomplete irrigation projects and maximize the use of water from them. 

5. Farming systems (crop plus allied activities) will also be developed in different agro-climatic zones for sustainable agriculture.

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The BJP and Shiv Sena who are contesting the elections together, are yet to roll out their manifesto for the Maharashtra elections. The polling will happen on October 21.

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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