Turning Zero Waste: Why is it the Need of the hour

By: Vanshika

We all talk about recycling, reducing or reusing waste. But why not refuse your waste in the first place? Products we use in our daily lives should be reused or repurposed and recycling is one of the last goals. A zero-waste lifestyle is all about that.

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Earlier, there were no talks on zero waste since we were zero waste as there was no such thing as industrialization. When the industries came into existence, things really started getting changed. 

Zero Waste = Human Well Being

When we talk about zero waste, we also talk about human well being. There can be a prosperous environment only if our planet is healthy. So, zero waste should be a default setting.

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Some tips to go zero waste:

1.  Check and make a list of the things they are showing in the dustbin every day. What stuff you’re throwing and then mark it out. Is it necessary what you’re consuming? If it’s not, eradicate it. The things you feel are important for use, find a sustainable alternative to it. 

2. Find recycling centers around you where the trash of your house can go instead of ending up in the landfill. Find a circular loop so that you don’t have to send them to the landfill. It’s called zero waste audit. So, you have to audit all the trash you’re throwing in the dustbin and then, find zero waste solutions for it. 

3. Once you start refusing things, you’ll also realize there are so many things you don’t need in the first place. There are so many products we apply to our body and skin which are just unnecessary and just being forced by the media advertisements.

4. If you’re throwing the plastic toothbrush, the zero waste alternative to it can be a bamboo toothbrush that exists in the market. The bamboo toothbrush can be composted and sent back to the earth. So, whatever comes from the earth goes back to the earth which creates a circular pattern and not the linear one.

Whatever comes from the earth should go back to the earth is one of the main key features of living a zero-waste life.

5. Start carrying your coffee cups, metal straws and usable bags with you and keep them with you till the end of the day. Don’t use single-use plastics!

6. Check out various zero waste bloggers on Instagram and research about them. Read what they write about zero waste and see what they are doing. Learn from them and try to implement that in your life. 

7. Look out for eco-conscious brands and buy things from them. They always sell things that can be resold, recycled or composted.

It’s not a favor you are doing to anyone but you! It’s high time. If you won’t do that right now, we all will suffer. We will suffer in the next 10 years!

(The views expressed in the article are the author’s own. Let Me Breathe neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

(Vanshika advocates veganism and sustainable living. Her goal is to make humans living within the planetary boundaries and veganism a norm. She runs a zero-waste community on Instagram, @onehomeearth)



Vanshika advocates veganism and sustainable living. Her goal is to make humans living within the planetary boundaries and veganism a norm.

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