Plog Sessions Chapter 2: Building a Plogging Movement feat. Kiren Rijiju

Plogging = Fit and Clean India

Jogging is good for health and picking up litter is good for the environment. Why not combine the two?

That is what Plogging is. It is a combination of jogging with picking up litter.

Promoting the sustainable fitness trend

LMB #PlogSessions started as a way to combine running with a purpose. Understanding waste, cleaning it and having some fun while doing it all.

And if you ask what does it take to join #PlogSessions? 

  • A bag to dispose of the trash
  • Gloves for your safety
  • A few minutes out of your day
  • A mobile phone – if you’d want to record your journey

That’s literally it. 

Plogging with Sh. Kiren Rijiju

For chapter 2 of our #plogsessions, Let Me Breathe and Plogga India visited Hon’ble Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Shri Kiren Rijiju’s house in New Delhi on September 27.

He plogged with us and discussed various important issues like waste segregation, single-use plastics, consumption habits, behavior change, healthy living and how all of this can be achieved through Plogging!

Ban single-use plastics!

“Single-use plastics need to be banned at any cost. It’s damaging to the environment to the extent that it’s becoming unbelievable income of the areas!” he said

“Let’s focus on cleanliness as well as fitness!”, he added.

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