Government Proposes a Green Belt Around Sultanpur National Park

By: Garvit Bhirani

An apparent decision has been made to shield animal and plant species in Sultanpur National Park. In a meeting held by CEO Uma Shankar of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA), Shankar said that the draft zonal master plan for developing an eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) in 5 km area will be finalized soon.

Contemplating about the pollution as well as environment, development authority has certain plans for the restoration of reservoirs and ponds, organic farming, conservation of natural water resources, agro forestry, plantation in open areas around the park.

No construction activities and deforestation will be allowed in the belt. As per the provisions in the agricultural zone construction and development plan of Gurugram Manesar Urban Complex 2031, construction activities will be allowed in the area falling in 3 km radius around the periphery of the national park. Yet, one has to have sanction from the wildlife department and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for the same.

For the agricultural work, construction is permitted within 300 to 500- metre radius around the boundary of the park and the heights of these structures should not exceed two floors or 25 feet.

Measures for solid waste management in the villages would be taken by all gram panchayats that fall in the eco-sensitive zone. There will be a prohibition on the extraction of groundwater and for installing tubewells in the green zone, approval will be required from the Union Environment Ministry.

It’s a much-visited national park as there are as many as 20,000 birds who come from a wide distance and places such as Siberia, Europe and Central Asia. It is home to 400 resident bird species. Therefore, according to officials, fuel stations, hotels, resorts, restaurants, amusement parks can be built within 3 km from the boundary of the park considering the tourism master plan.

Garvit Bhirani

Garvit Bhirani is a journalism and mass communication student. He is a creator with pluc and letmebreathe.in, freelancer, and former fellow with Yes Foundation.

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