Everything You Wanted To Learn About #Plogging!

What You Need to Know About ‘Plogging,’ The New Eco-Friendly Fitness Craze

Running is good for your health. Picking up litter is good for the planet’s health. Why not combine the two?

That’s the idea behind “plogging,” a new environmentally conscious fitness trend where people pick up rubbish while on a run.


What is plogging and how can it help? Anurag and Abhimanyu from #PloggaIndia go live from Sanjay Van in New Delhi and share their experiences! 

How do you do it?

The only requirement for plogging is that you pick up litter. That’s it! What’s so great about this is that not only are you getting litter off the streets, but you are also redirecting more litter to the proper disposal method after you collect it (recycling, composting, etc.). Chances are, the litter you are collecting was once indisposed of properly or not disposed of at all, which is how it ended up on the ground or in a bush in the first place. 

Join us for the #PlogSessions on 10th August 2019 (Saturday) at 6:45 am, Deer Park (New Delhi)


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