Bring change in values, approach to mitigate adverse effects of climate change: PM Modi in Maldives

Reiterating India’s commitment in fighting environmental degradation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there is a need to bring change in values and approach to minimise the adverse effects of climate change.

“It will not be possible to adequately mitigate the adverse effects of climate change without bringing in changes in our values, approach, lifestyle and societies. The ancient Indian belief regards the Earth as our mother and all of us as her children,” the Prime Minister said in his address to the Majlis, Parliament of Maldives.

“If we regard this planet as our mother, we can only respect and conserve it, and cannot harm it. We should also remember that this home, our earth, is the legacy we hold for our future generations in trust, and it is not a property we own,” he asserted.

PM Modi is in Maldives- his first bilateral visit after coming back to power. His address to the Maldivian Parliament was one of the major highlights of his two-day visit to the South-Asian archipelago.

Modi, in his speech, also applauded the initiatives by the island country to promote sustainable development.

“Maldives has taken several other exemplary initiatives also to promote sustainable development. I am happy that it has joined the International Solar Alliance. The initiative to launch this Alliance, taken jointly by India, has provided a platform to several countries of the world for taking practical steps to save our Earth,” PM Modi said.

Prime Minister also highlighted the need for turning to renewable sources of energy as against the non-renewable ones.

“Renewable Energy is a potent alternative for mitigating many adverse effects of climate change. This distinguished gathering is familiar with India’s ambitious target of 175 GW of renewable energy by the year 2022, and year 2022, and the progress achieved in attaining it surpassing all expectations,” he said.

Modi highlighted India’s cooperation in lighting up the streets of Male with environment-friendly LED lights.

“India’s cooperation has lit up streets of Male with 2,500 energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED street lights. And over two hundred thousand LED bulbs have reached homes and shops in Maldives. They will help save precious electricity and environment and also cut electricity bills. India has paid special attention to the needs and concerns of small islands,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi’s statement on climate change in the Maldives Parliament is significant as environmentalists have been raising concerns about El Nino which disturbs the weather pattern even as some meteorologists say the effect may get nuetralised by a local phenomenon in the Indian Ocean.

( Report by ANI )

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