04 Jun 2019
Chapter 4: City Session Mumbai
City Sessions is a collaboration of a live show between Twitter India and Let Me breathe, where decision makers, experts and citizens come together to find short term and long term solutions to city level climate change, air pollution and other environment issues collectively.

Let Me Breathe hosted its fourth city session with Twitter India in Mumbai on May 3, 2019, with the aim of finding collective solutions to all kinds of pollution issues in Mumbai.

Previously held in Varanasi, Gangtok, and New Delhi, the City Sessions are aimed at building a talking space between decision-makers, citizens and young people that are focused on climate change in their city. 

The panel had Aditya Thackeray (President, Yuva Sena), Milind Deora (President, INC Mumbai), Ashish Shelar (President, BJP Mumbai), Kishore Mandhyan (Co-convener, AAP Maharashtra) and Neeta Kolhatkar (City Editor, Free Press Journal).

The panelists interacted live with citizens on twitter to tackle some of the most unanswered questions online and also the new upcoming schemes of the Government to tackle pollution in Mumbai.

According to Milind Deora, air pollution and environment are issues where a common ground needs to be found in order to work together for solutions.

While Aditya Thackeray thinks that we need to focus on creating a green belt around Mahul. People need to be moved out from there as the area has become high on air and water pollution.

Ashish Shelar said that he has been working on creating a solar park in Bandra. They are going to put charging points there to be used for electric vehicles.

All panelists with different ideologies came together to talk about how to make Mumbai pollution free.

With City Sessions, we are trying to make environment a mainstream topic If you want city session in your state/city, let us know.

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