29 Jan 2019
Chapter 1: City Session New Delhi
City Sessions is a collaboration of a live show between Twitter India and Let Me breathe, where decision makers, experts and citizens come together to find short term and long term solutions to city level climate change, air pollution and other environment issues collectively.

Let Me Breathe hosted its first city session with Twitter India in New Delhi on August 13, 2018, with the aim of finding collective solutions to environmental issues of New Delhi.

The City Sessions are aimed at building a talking space between decision-makers, citizens and young people that are focused on climate change in their city. 

The panel included Vimlendu Jha (Founder of Swechha India), Kanchi Kohli, Polash Mukherjee (Lead, Air Pollution & Climate Resiliance of NRDC India), Moulshri Joshi, Jasmine Shah (Vice Chairperson of Dialogue & Development Commission (DDC) and Prarthna Borah (Environment Educator).

The panelists interacted live with citizens on twitter to tackle some of the most pressing questions online and also shared their solutions to tackle pollution in New Delhi.

According to Moulshri, land is a very scarce resource and needs to be used properly.

Jasmine shah says, “There is an increasing push on helping RWAs for local gardens, Delhi also has a solar policy. Citizens need to be informed and put the right kind of pressure.”

“We need to demand audits. Citizens need to be a part of master plans and need to understand amendments. Seeking accountability is critical,” says Kanchi Kohli.

According to Vimlendu, pollution stories need to be told. Governments need to talk to citizens.”

City Sessions are an effort to mainstream the city-specific conversation on the environment. If you want a city session in your state/city, reach out to us.

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